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Getting active, learn and explore new things – whether it’s under water, in the air, in the city – that’s what drives insight Wanderlust. Start planning your next trip now!

Personally, I am not only interested in traveling and blogging but also in data science, sports, and teaching/learning. Speaking multiple languages and having worked as a freelance journalist I am open to business opportunities such as writing articles and reviews, translating (German/English), data analysis, or others.

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Currently seeking an app developer for a project! If interested, please contact me on insightwanderlust(at)hotmail(dot)com


Bolivia climbing


I’m… pretty sure that’s possible.

I’ll… definitely try that

I’ve never… seen an entire Star Wars movie.

I’d rather… see this with my own eyes

I prefer… to listen.

My favorite destination… is the next one.

I would bring… ear plugs.