Must-see in South America! 10 places not to miss when traveling in South America

There are so many beautiful and spectacular places in South America. With the people making some of those places even more special. Below you will be introduced to 10 of my most favorite spots that I had the chance to have visited myself.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

Absolutely a must-see! The history of the Incas, the lost city in in the mountains. A very interesting place. Disadvantage: super crowded. For further information about the site read Machu Picchu – how to go and what to consider.

So, as a whole experience – including the hike and everything – I would prefer Ciudad Perdida in the north of Colombia. Why? Read Ciudad Perdida – a lost city in the Colombian jungle.



Metro cables in Medellin

There are quite a few awesome cities in South America. However, Medellin was my favorite. The combination of history, culture, security, people, atmosphere, etc. makes it an awesome place not just to visit but also to live. For more insight into the town and some activities check out A guide on what to do in Medellin.


Quito – Mitad del Mundo

middle of the earth

Interesting place with explanations of the physical phenomenons happening at the equator. Also fun just to jump from the northern to the southern hemisphere. More reasons why you should visit Quito you’ll find here.


Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Famous beaches, wonderful landscapes, delicious fruits – find the right spots and you’ll love Rio de Janeiro.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

This city offers basically everything. It’s huge. Nightlife, dancing, food, wine, football fanatics, history – great place.


La Paz

La Paz

La Paz is… awesome – in its own way. Personally I needed a few days to fall in love with the city. It is very chaotic and hectic but with its very special charm and a huge market in the streets where you can find anything. Litteraly anything.


Iguazu falls

Spectacular water falls and super energetic place. Love it!


San Andrés & Providencia


As part of Colombia far north of the mainland these islands are a paradise. Relaxing a deserted white beaches or swimming in the crystal clear water – just amazing. In case you’re wondering what to do on the small island feel free to take a look at the guide about San Andrés.




Another Colombian city that makes it into my top 10. Just its historic center is worth a visit.

Cartagena, Colombia


Salt flats in Uyuni

salt flats Uyuni, Bolivia

Marvelous scenery, amazing landscapes. A must-see! Check out Salt flats in Uyuni – the beauty of desert for more information and tips.



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