Hiking – how it changes your mind and lowers your stress level

Whether it’s caused by a job or one’s personal life – many people suffer from anxiousness and stress. Noise, distraction, connectivity.. it all leads to a higher level of stress. And it can get too much. If that’s the case for you, go out for a hike, go out in nature – here’s why:

Hiking in nature reduces rumination and boosts your self esteem. People who focus too much on negative thoughts about themselves can easily exhibit anxiety and depression.

Zermatt Matterhorn

Researchers found that hiking and being in nature decreases these obsessive, negative thoughts. Less noise, fewer distractions, and disconnection of any kind of technology can benefit our mental health.

Moreover, hiking while disconnecting from technology boosts creative problem solving. The noise of urban areas as well as technology constantly demand our attention and disturb us from focusing. Nature hikes can therefore be strong medicine. Apart from breathing fresh air they reduce our mental fatigue, soothe our minds, and help us think creatively.

Hiking in nature is also a great exercise, which boosts brainpower. Hiking outdoors can burn up to 700 calories an hour. Moreover, it’s proven that those who exercise outside are more likely to stick to their exercise programs. Exercise was found to improve cognitive ability and prevent cognitive decline. Being physically active can reduce stress and anxiety, boost self esteem, and release endorphins.

Hiking in nature

Hiking is now even prescribed by doctors. Progressive doctors are now aware that people who spend time in nature enjoy less stress and better physical and mental health. Instead of medicine they even are recommending their patients to take „ecotherapy“ to reduce anxiety, improve stress levels, and to curb depression.

Taking care of your health may take less than 10 minutes a day. You can simply go for a walk and get some fresh air in the park during lunch time. A small step a day can make a huge different to your health and the future.



  1. Wonderful post and fantastic insight. There is definitely something to do with the peace, calmness and tranquility of nature that makes one get lost in their thoughts so fully believe that it boosts brainpower!

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