8 types of traveler – What kind of traveler are you?

Traveling has the benefit of getting to know a lot of people. People with different backgrounds, people from different countries, people with different ideas. If you travel frequently you might have come across some of the following types of traveler:

Sunset Providencia

  • The budget traveler

Living on a strict..often on a daily budget. No extra expenses are allowed. Usually, they have a very clear idea on where and when they wanna go and what they wanna see. Good budget planning skills but might miss out on different things due to less flexibility.

  • The solo traveler

Exploring alone.. He shows up out of the blue and disappears as if Harry Potter puts on his invisibility cloak. He is usually very spontaneous and has no fear of spending time alone.

  • The traveling couple

Those guys putting their relationship to the ultimate test. Eat, sleep, hike, spend every second together.

  • The „need a buddy“ traveler

He needs a travel buddy. Never could he imagine traveling by himself. He needs someone to share the taxi, to share the room, to share stories with.

  • The luxury traveler

„Where do you usually spend your nights? In hostels?“ – „What the heck is a hostel? I think you’ve just mispronounced ‘hotel’!“ Only staying at hotels. Doesn’t want to mingle with the mob in hostels. Has (or pretends to have) a good income.

  • The escape traveler

Short-term or long-term traveling – this guy just needed to get away from home for some time.

  • The chaotic traveler

He basically has no idea where he is going. Maybe he has a few fixed points in his agenda.. a few things he actually wants to see. However, he just goes back and forth as he pleases until he eventually passes one of the fixed points.

  • The blogging traveler

„Are you coming for a beer tonight?“ – „Sorry, I can’t. Need to finish this post..“ Always on the lookout for a catchy post, an exciting story.


I might have forgotten one or another. Feel free to add missing types of traveler 🙂



  1. I’m a combo! I’m a budget traveler, but I pad my budget – I just like scrimping on accommodation or transportation to be able to do more.
    I’m now part of a couple – so we do everything together when traveling.
    I’m also the blogging traveler, but I try to be flexible for good things!
    AND I love to be a slow traveler – I can speed things, but I love having the opportunity to stay out my visas!
    And I agree with the guy above, the guitar guy is the worst.

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  2. I am somewhat in between the budget and the luxury. I am not one for backpacking (back problems), and I always enjoy staying in hip, boutique hotels. I also never scrimp on experiences as much as possible! 🙂

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  3. I guess I am a couple traveller, its just nice to share beautiful places and interesting experiences with someone. And I am also a research traveller, I like to plan to be prepared and then throw everything over board to go with the flow 🙂

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  4. Haha I am 100% The chaotic traveler😂 and the sad thing is… my twin sister is as well the chaotic traveler. So I guess you can imagine how funny it is for us to travel together . We basically have no idea where our orientation is, when it comes to find for example the way.

    Haha and we’ve lost so much during our travels. But HEYY we are still alive and happy 😂😂


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