Spanglish – when it gets funny

We all have that friend. The one who speaks out loud whatever he thinks. Sometimes it seems like he’s not even thinking. Anyway, it happens to turn out quite funny at times.

For the last two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of a friend joining me in South America for a trip. However, he speaks very little Spanish so I figured it would be good to have like a crash course in Spanish with him. Just a few things. Some words. The basics he understood quite quickly.. Using „estoy“ or „soy“ for „I am“ etc.. However, the problem was somewhere else.

So we met these locals the other day and started talking. Then, a girl asked my friend – in Spanish – if he speaks Spanish. With a rather strong but charming accent he replied: „Un poco. Pero estoy embarazado.“ The girl just looked at him and started giggling. Obviously, he was quite confused until we explained what happened.. What he actually wanted to say is „I feel embarrassed“ (…talking Spanish). However, he had just said „I am pregnant“. Well, then, he too started laughing.

Same friend, three days later in the car. Driving on the freeway in Colombia he suddenly said. „This place ‚Salida‘ must be huge. We’ve been passing by like 10 exits to this place.“ (Salida actually means freeway exit)




  1. Your friend is not alone as far as motorway exits are concerned, on my first ever drive along a German autobahn I wondered just how big the city of Ausfahrt was as I’d been driving past signs for it for over an hour. Eventually the penny dropped but it still makes me smile when I think about it.

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