Useful information about Quito – a tourist guide

The city has a very strange shape due to its location in a valley. While you could basically walk from the most western point of Quito to the most eastern it takes a long drive by car to go from north to south.

Quito view from Pinchinca

Transfer to Quito downtown

Once you arrive at the international airport of Quito there is still quite a „journey“ to finally get to the city. Quito is located a 1 hour bus/car drive from the airport. Either you can take a taxi for about 40 USD. However, if your budget is rather tight, the best option is to take a bus. The bus company aeroservicios ( provides transfer from the airport to their bus terminal in the city. From the bus terminal you can take a taxi to your hotel. If it is located in the historical center the taxi ride will cost anther 5-7 USD.

Best time to visit Quito

Since Quito is located at the equator the climate is the same all year around. Actually, you can have all four seasons in only one day. So make sure you bring sun screen as well as rain jacket. Anyway, in the beginning of December, more specifically around 6th December (the day when Quito was founded) there is „la fiesta de Quito“. The people celebrate, go out and dance in different parts of the city. Definitely something to see and recommend. More information can be found on

Where to stay in Quito

Staying close to La Mariscal or La Foch, respectively, is definitely recommendable. During the day you find a lot of restaurants, cafés, stores, cultural centers, and parks. At night this area turns into a  party place with tourists and locals coming here to have a drink and dance through the night.
Quito, historical centre, Basilica Voto Nacional

If you prefer it more quiet you might wanna stay closer to the historical centre. There it will be less touristy and you’ll find cheaper places to eat for example. Also, La Ronda, the “most popular” street of Quito is located nearby. La Ronda offers restaurants during the day and a lot of party – you’ll mostly meet locals there – at night.

Get around in Quito

As in every city, taxis are will you take from point A to B. However, if the can tell you a tourist they try to charge you more than the actual price. The other possibility is to take the busses. A ticket cost usually 0.25-0.50 USD. The public transport system is quite big with a lot of different busses going from north to south of the city or from west to east. Just ask someone which bus to take if you’re lost. People are very helpful and will usually take their time to help you.


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