11 useful things to know before traveling to Colombia

Going to a foreign country always comes with certain difficulties or unfamiliarities. Here are 10 things you might wanna know before going to Colombia:

  • Cheap domestic flights and flights to close capitals can be found on vivacolombia.com. Check it out. As usual with airlines offering cheap flights you need to pay extra for any luggage (except 1 piece of hand luggage).
  • Nearly in every city you can find bus terminals with buses taking you to other cities. It’s a good deal and has become safe in Colombia.
  • Even though Colombia has undergone quite a change you still need to be aware of the risk of going to certain places. Better to ask before going just somewhere. Same with taxis: better to call a taxi from hotel desk than just taking one in the streets.
  • Cook it, peel it, or leave it! You should follow this rule to avoid unpleasant side effects of eating when it comes to vegetables and fruits. However, the fruits are super delicious!

Fruit vendors, Cartagena

  • Are you looking for delicious Italian food for a very reasonable price? “il forno” offers very nice menus and usually can be encountered in shopping malls.
  • Have you tried the best waffles yet? “Crepes&Waffles” offers delicious food based on crepes and waffles. From chicken to seafood, ice cream to nutella, you can have almost any flavor you wish. Moreover, when you go there you see only women working in these restaurants. It’s for a good cause because Crepes & Waffles supports single mothers.
  • Don’t drink from the tap. Unless you’re in Medellin where you can do it.
  • Go to the pacific coast (Nuqui) in July/August. You are very likely to observe and watch Humpback whales at this time of year there. (www.nuquinautilos.com)
  • Go to Cali in the end of December, between Christmas and New Year. Every year there is the „feria de Cali“ going on with a lot of party and dancing!
  • Go to Medellin in the end of July/beginning of August and/or in December. In July/August there is the „feria de las flores“ whereas in December you can see the beautiful Christmas decorations in the city. Read more on what to do in Medellin.
  • Go to Barranquilla in the end of February – at least if you like Carnival. “Carnaval de Barranquilla” It’s a huge deal in this area and a lot of party.



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